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13 Feb 2017

Award-winning Fremantle-based photographer Janet Craig will launch her exhibition ‘The Pet Project’ at a brunch for “furbabies” and their owners at Fraser’s, Kings Park on Sunday February 19. The project celebrates how important animals are to mental health, while raising funds for Lifeline WA.

Ms Craig has photographed 100 Western Australian families, including ten VIP ambassadors from the WA Ballet, WASO, Hockeyroos and the media along with their beloved canine friends. Ambassadors will attend the ‘furbabies’ brunch and the photographs will also feature in the Pet Project book, due to be released in October.

To date the fundraiser has raised almost $10,000 for Lifeline WA, and Ms Craig hopes to engage other devoted dog lovers to get involved.

“The dogs I have photographed for this project really are ‘one of the family’ and it is such a privilege to hear every family’s story about how that pet found its way into their lives and hearts,” Ms Craig said.

Lorna MacGregor and her terrier, Ned took part in The Pet Project campaign.

“Ned is the stray terrier cross who found his way into my family, and my heart, 9 years ago”

“Janet’s work to promote the positive impact pets have on emotional and psychological wellbeing has resulted in some wonderful photographs and tremendous support for Lifeline WA.”

The unique fundraiser promises to deliver a morning of furbaby fashion and treats by the FurBaby Boutique and Café and a cocktail brunch by Fraser’s for the human owners. Prizes will be presented to the best dressed owner and dog!

Tickets are $95 for one adult and one furbaby. To purchase visit:

Media Contact

Pip Brown Tel: 0438 927 110

Pet Project campaign ambassadors

Lifeline WA is enormously grateful to its Western Australian campaign ambassadors who have generously shared their stories.

Arnya Tait and Sumi

Arnya Tait is the Group Sales and Business Development Manager at the Frasers Group, where she has worked for the last fourteen years. A subtle gesture from Arnya’s Maltese poodle, Sumi, was the motivation Arnya needed to have her heart checked, leading to her having a pacemaker fitted, and she was instrumental in her recuperation. Arnya strongly believes that Sumi has been the key to her sense of purpose and active engagement within the community.


Lorna MacGregor and Ned

Lorna MacGregor is the CEO of Lifeline WA. Lorna’s terrier cross, Ned, wandered into her life 9 years ago and provides an enigmatic and humorous presence in her home with partner Kev. Research shows that the physical, psychological and social advantages of owning a pet are significant. For this sporty CEO, twice daily walks are a warm-up!


Sarah Hepburn & Hugo

Sarah Hepburn is a professional ballet dancer with the WA Ballet and is the devoted owner of papillon, Hugo. Hugo’s first week with his new family was spent in the girls dressing room at WA Ballet where he was indulged and pampered by all the dancers so that Sarah could keep an eye on him! Sarah and her husband were married at their local dog park in Subiaco so that Hugo could attend with his friends!


Frankie & Megan Lo Surdo and Smith

Frankie and Megan Lo Surdo, who both play French horn, met at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where they sat next to each other in orchestra. The couple moved to Perth five years ago upon Frankie’s appointment to play with WASO.

In March 2014, Frankie began to experience severe performance anxiety and panic attacks, and had to take some time away from the orchestra. Megan also had some challenging health issues that year, and was at home unable to work due to chronic fatigue. The couple adopted Smith from a family who was no longer able to care for him and taking him for his daily walks became their favourite way to spend time together and helped both with their recovery.


Linda Parri and Darren Reid & Darlene

Linda Parri is a journalist with the Sunday Times and her partner Darren Reid is the lead singer of Daren Reid and the Soul City Groove, one of Perth's most iconic bands.

Darlene, the groodle is just as well known on the Perth social scene, featured on the couple’s social media, and waited on hand and foot at home. She has walked the red carpet at VIP events, featured in the STM social pages, appeared on stage with her Dad and been inside a pub. She has movie-star teeth and sleeps in an ornate king size bed at her river-front home.


Shari Lovreta & Ishi & Suki

Shari Lovreta was inspired to start Furbaby Boutique and Café when her two Shiba Inu puppies came into her life. Not wanting to spend a moment apart from Ishi and Suki, Shari found it difficult to find a place in Perth to catch up with friends where the presence of her pets was welcomed by other patrons.

The café features a ‘barkery’ offering nutritional homemade treats that promises to satisfy the fussiest of eaters!


Casey and Scott Sablowski & Maverick

Casey is an Australian Women’s hockey player (Hockeyroos), and with her husband Scott the proud owner of Maverick, a 17 month old border collie. Maverick is truly one of the family, and leads an active and busy lifestyle just like her owners.


Pam Medlen, Nathaniel Clarke and Chilli & Mustard

Pam Medlen and Nathaniel Clarke both work at the ABC, and Pam’s face is familiar to many as the ABC’s weekend presenter. Beagles Chilli and Mustard are the couple’s doted- upon furbabies and have featured on the couple’s Christmas cards for years. They love dinner parties, with Mustard retiring earlier than Chilli who likes to join guests at the dinner table and follow the conversation intently!


Melissa Boniface & Paris

Toy poodle Paris is the apple of WA Ballet dancer Melissa Boniface’s eye. She never leaves her graceful owner’s side, even while sleeping! She has her own daily routine and after moving to a new neighbourhood has quickly established herself as top dog!

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