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Sharing insight and lived experience of suicide or living with a mental illness can be an incredibly rewarding and healing experience. It can also provide hope and inspiration to others who are, or have been in a similar situation.

Lifeline WA believes in an inclusive community in which there is an open dialogue giving a voice to those with a lived experience of suicide to increase the awareness and reduce stigma of suicide.

The Lifeline WA Lived Experience Hub exists to provide a centralised peer network and accessible collective of lived experiences across Western Australia, consisting of Lived Experience Ambassadors, Lived Experience Speakers and a Lived Experience Advisory Group.

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Regional Stories of Hope and Recovery Program

CSBP Fertilisers and Lifeline WA are committed to empowering regional communities across the state through raising awareness of, and reducing the stigma around mental health and suicide. We invite individuals with a lived experience of mental health issues and/or suicide to share their stories with us.’

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Please select all that apply to your lived experience of suicide and/or mental health
This may be your whole story, the relevant parts, or a summary of events. You may also submit your story as a video or audio submission. Please keep video and audio submissions to 15 minutes in length. To submit, please attach the relevant video or audio file with your application.
e.g.: crisis line, online crisis chat, in-person counselling
If you are submitting your story for the CSBP/Lifeline WA Regional Stories of Hope and Recovery Program. Note: We may get in touch with you to record your story in video format. You will be contacted via email or phone prior to any use of your story.
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