Closure of WA shift of online crisis chat

Closure of WA shift of online crisis chat

Closure of WA shift of online crisis chat teaser

23 Aug 2017

Crisis Support Chat is an online version of the telephone crisis support service.  It operates from 7pm to 4am EST, with WA contracted by Lifeline Australia to deliver the midnight to 4am EST shift.  The staff who deliver the service are paid staff.
Unfortunately Lifeline Australia lost their funding partner and have not been able to acquire another partner.  Lifeline Australia informed Lifeline WA, in late July, that they would have to reduce its funding by 35%. Unfortunately that reduction of funding makes delivery of the service unviable for Lifeline WA, and the service will close on September 30.
The two other agencies which are contracted by Lifeline Australia to deliver the two earlier shifts each night, are yet to make a decision regarding their capacity to support the service despite a 35% funding cut.  If they continue then the service will still be available to Western Australians (although available for less hours).
Please be assured that this has no impact on our flagship telephone service or our volunteers; Lifeline WA remains committed to growing our 13 11 14 service in WA.
  • No impact to 13 11 14 or volunteers
  • The service is not closing; merely the WA shift is being closed
  • Lifeline Australia lost a commercial funding partner; there has been no cut of government funding
  • It was not viable for LWA to continue operating the WA shift of Crisis Support Chat with significantly reduced funding
Lifeline WA Chief Executive Lorna MacGregor said the issue of suicide in the WA community was complex and there were many factors to consider.
“Important work to address the tragic rate of suicide in Western Australia is ongoing, but gaps in services still remain,” she said.
“I am very proud to be a part of establishing this network which will identify needs and gaps in suicide prevention, intervention and post-vention provision.”
Lifeline’s 24/7 telephone crisis support service is available on 13 11 14.

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